Who We Are

The Moral Communities Project Team


Andrew Pilecki, Ph.D.

Founder and Project Coordinator

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at IDC Herzliya.  I founded the Moral Communities Project as part of my overall program of research in the summer of 2012. My dissertation examined the role of moral stereotyping—namely, the moral qualities that we associate with certain groups—in justifying intergroup violence. Please visit www.andrewpilecki.com for more information on my work.

Former Members

Elsamarie Corradetti (2016)

       Sana Arastu (2015)

       Guneet Kaur (2015)

       Amelie Meltzer (2015)

       Chase Ochrach (2014-2015)

       Ila Rutten (2014-2015)

       Michael Whitbord (2015)

Sarah FitzGerald (2014-2015)

Mallika Palecanda (2014-2015)

Margaux Schindler (2014-2015)

Aaron Calloway (2014)

Kerianne Doi (2014)

Erica West (2014)

R. Andrew Gibson (2013)

Carley Clemons (2012-2013)

Jonathan M. Muro (2012-2013)

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